September 13th OOAB Meeting Notes

Brett Diehl

Fall Sports are on their way. Girl soccer is going very well as well as Cross Country, Spring sports have started with their offseason workouts. Winter sports will also kick off around 30 days. So that’s really all I have tonight I’ll be around afterwards, they may have any questions.

Libbey Hoang- OOAB Vice President (Brian Beck- OOAB Vice President- Absent)

Nothing to discuss currently

Brent Baker- OOAB President on behalf of Devin & Lisa Dempsey- OOAB Treasury

Devin & Lisa were in beast mode this weekend and one of them is doing an Iron Man so they’re still in Michigan. They said they’ll have some financial information out, hopefully later this week.

Margaret Kolbert- OOAB Communications

We are in the process of trying to figure out the best way to communicate is it still email; do we need an app? What is the easiest way for you all to get the information absorb it and understand go back and forth, maybe it is email, maybe it’s not? The other thing that we’re working on is the website. So that’s going to be a process that will probably not be done until next summer. We are going to clean up the AAOB website so it’s going to look a lot thinner soon.

Brent Baker- OOAB President

Question from the group.
Who do we contact if they want to advertise on a website? Then what is the cost?

Now you can send them to me. I’ll have that conversation with them. Sponsorships are pretty cost effective and affordable. Libby and Brian and I together handle those.

Jean Rae- OOAB Concessions/Secretary

My email address has been updated it should be on the website now. Please continue to update me any fundraising information.
Brett Diehl sent out a Google form to the head coaches on what fundraisers/camps have planned throughout the year, on just so we know exactly what everybody’s doing that way. Submissions needed by 9/17/21.

Brent Baker- OOAB President

Friday, The Toy Barn will be providing vehicles for all the Homecoming attendees. They will also have a high-end luxury vehicle for photo opportunities at the Football game. Toy Barn have offered $1 for every Snapchat/Instagram like or for whoever follows their Snapchat/Instagram page on Friday.

Questions from the group:

Zebb Schroeder- Football Head Coach

Recommended a fundraiser centered around families. Possibly after July 4th parade. We could have a live band performance and kid activities. We could sell tickets for the event. Dublin Coffman did something like this in the past and it went very well. We are looking into this.

Brent Baker- OOAB President

On September 2nd, Margaret sent out a page of coupons from our Sponsors. We ask that everybody send out to their families and friends. There’s 1,000s of dollars in discounts there from fast food restaurants to Party Rentals., I want to drive as much business back to our sponsors as we can.

We are still looking to create a Special Projects Committee, I have another meeting later this week to further that if you have someone, a parent, on your team who would be good at finding and chasing dollars for larger projects don’t donors, those types of things, please email me their contact information,

Oliva Susi- Field Hockey Head Coach

Girls Field Hockey are selling fat heads.

Brent Baker- OOAB President

Our next meeting is October 11th, in person at 7:00p.m. Again, I appreciate you all for coming. Thank you for your time.