About Us

Olentangy Orange High School is located at 2840 Orange Road, Lewis Center OH 43035. Our main telephone number is 740-657-5100.

Our Athletic Director is Buck Weaver, and the Athletic Department phone number is 740-657-5110.

The school logo combines double “Os” signifying OOHS with the school’s mascot, the Pioneer. The Pioneer within the logo is a bold figure that represents strength and looking toward the future. It also incorporates the school’s colors of blue and orange throughout.

Olentangy Orange High and Middle schools were named in honor of the “old” Orange School. The Orange School was located on the northeast corner of the South Old State Road and Orange Road intersections and was founded in 1916.

The Orange School was one of four schools located in the Olentangy area prior to the district’s consolidation in approximately 1952 into the Olentangy Schools as we know it today. Those four schools were Powell (1911), Hyatts (1914), Berlin (1915) and Orange (1916). Many graduates from the Orange School still reside within our community.

Olentangy takes tremendous pride in the area’s history and in these four schools. The naming of Olentangy Orange High School (OOHS) is the district’s third building to be named directly after one of the four original schools.

OOHS bears the school colors of orange and blue. Blue is the district’s common color that is shared and unites all of Olentangy’s schools. The school’s orange color was matched to the same school color from the Orange School. The OOHS mascot is the Pioneers.

All of Olentangy’s schools are members of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA). As OHSAA members, athletes in grades 7-12 are bound by all of the rules and regulations set forth by this governing body. If you have any questions regarding these rules please call your school’s Athletic Director or go to the OHSAA website.

Our Alma Mater

In the land that stretches far and wide

Her loyalty, we’ll stand beside

As we lift her banner, let them see

The Pioneers in victory

Alma Mater, here’s to you

We’ll defend your orange and blue

Lift your praises to the sky

and tell of glorious Orange High

Memories recall the day

When we shall rise and proudly say

Standing one in unity

For Olentangy Orange are we
Olentangy Orange are we.

Olentangy Orange are we.

Our Fight Song

Fight On, for Orange High
Our Banners We, will keep on high

We’ll always work to win,
and with much pride

We’ll cheer you on to victory
Show our faith and loyalty
Fight On.